Ramadan Quiz and Games

Ramadan’s fast approaching Inshallah.

My two very talented teenage nieces are helping at the local community  organizing an Islamic summer camp for kids aged 7 to 12. They have several lessons, games and activities planned. My daughter looks forward to the sessions with her Didi and Api. So one day they invited me to conduct a 45 minute session for ‘Sawm day’- fasting day.

So here are two activities I designed: a Ramadan quiz and a simple game of charades for the do’s and do nots of Ramadan and fasting. I hope you like them.

Ramadan Quiz (open link to download document)

Ramadan Charades: This would probably work better with younger kids, say ages 5 to 7?Or just as fillers.

Just like any other charades, I have put in some cues for things one must do or not do during Ramadan/ fasting. Actually, since most of these apply even to days outside Ramadan, they can be used whenever you would like some easy fun and good habit reinforcement.

Here are the ramadan charades. Simply cut along the lines, fold and place in a bowl. Ask the kids to come forward in groups of two or so and ask them to act out the memes. The rest of the kids guess the action and say whether its a ‘do’ or a ‘do not’.

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