So Day 5:

I chose to read one of Enid Blyton’s Seven ‘o Clock Tales, you know, just because I loved reading her as a kid myself. Though I have to admit, while the plots are endearingly charming, the language does sound a tad bit dated, especially when you read some of the more recent writers. But my daughter will listen to just about ANYTHING that you read to her, so there!

I followed this up with a sight word bingo game. This game seems to be a popular choice for educators and parents to familiarize kids with sight words. i adapted one I found on the web and used the Dolche list. Ech kid was given a 3×3 grid. I made index cards with sight words on them. Each kid had to first copy out the words on their grids. This is step one in familiarizing the kids to the words (writing the words down). Once they were done with that, I shuffled the cards and asked each kid to pick out one random index card at a time. If they found that word on their grid, they had to strike it out, if not, put it back in the pile. The kid to first get a ‘full house’ (i.e. all words striked out) was the winner.

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