Summer Reading Camp Day 4

This post was long in coming, but a family vacation came up and things got delayed. However, now that I am Alhamdulillah refreshed, let’s go!


So this is how day four turned out:

Story telling with discussion: I picked another Brothers Grimm tale, ‘The House in the Wood’ from my Miles Kelly collection. The story involved some farm animals and old man with a really, really, long beard. To spruce up the telling a bit, I used my daughter’s toy figurines. I had the necessary animals and used a grandpa doll sans the long beard and asked the kids to imagine the facial hair ūüėČ


Activity 1: The story had some vivid descriptions-¬†the¬†old man, a paradise like room that the heroine finds herself in, etc. I didn’t let the girls peek into the book’s pictures. Instead, after¬†we had discussed all about the tale, I asked each to draw scenes from the story from their understanding of the plot and characters.¬†It was interesting to see how they had visualized¬†the narrative.


Activity 2: I adapted this activity¬†on the silent letter ‘E’ from I used my daughter’s blackboard instead. Each girl got a simple word on the board (like cub), to which she had to add the ‘magical letter E’ with her special colored chalk (each girl was given a different color). She then had to read the new word (in this case, ‘cube’). So we had words like at, pin, bit, spin, etc.


And that was it. We did two activities and our one hour was up. Unfortunately we didn’t get any time for silent reading on this day, but I did ask the girls to take home some books from the ‘library’ to read at home.






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