Summer Reading Camp Day 3

So day three. We stuck to the original format for the hour long session as outlined here.

Story telling session: I read a Brother’s Grimm tale from ’50 Princess Stories’ called ‘The old woman in the wood.’ While I admit that princess stories are generally a great hit with girls, I TRY to look for plot lines that are more than just ‘damsels-in-distress-waiting-to-be-rescued’ narratives. OK maybe ONCE in a silly while it’s fine, but GENERALLY I consciously choose tales that have strong and independent female protagonists. Elsa, Anna and Merida over Snow White, Aurora and Belle ANYDAY. (For the uninitiated, those are the fabled Disney princesses; though I can’t see how anyone could miss that, even if they hadn’t watched the movies- EVERY single stationary or toy store literally SCREAMS at my daughter with their images.)

So even though this book offers me FIFTY story options to choose from, I still sift through them to select what I consider appropriate for her. I have an inquisitive sort of a kid (actually, who doesn’t?) and she keeps asking me questions about the plots and characters of the stories she likes, LONG after I have read them to her; so I figured, if she must ruminate over certain character traits anyway, why not let her ponder over themes of  bravery, grit, kindness OR strength too? (I would be hard pressed to find a character who had ALL those traits rolled in one!) And of course, the story should be entertaining too. That’s IMPORTANT or else I risk losing her attention completely.

This particular book has stories sorted under 5 themes: The Fairest of them all, Enchanting adventures, Gallant Girls and Brave Lasses, From Rags to Riches and Happily Ever After.

Generally I like to read stories from the ‘Gallant girls and Brave Lasses’ section, but this selected tale was from the ‘Rags to Riches’ one. The princess in this one was not particularly brave or resourceful, I will admit, but I picked it nevertheless simply because it sounded fun and well, it was a Brothers Grimm tale 🙂

Since it was day 3 of the ‘Camp’ already, some of the girls were opening up for a mini discussion after the story was read. Please bear in mind, English is not our first language, so sometimes it takes time for kids to make sense of the themes. Discussions, however brief, do help in comprehension.


We then did our 15 minutes of independent reading. I could already see a difference in the girls’ fluency levels. My daughter, for one, really wanted the ‘most number of stars’ against her name on the wall, so she put in more effort to read as many pages she could in the slot.

Finally we then did an literacy activity adopted from here on I fished out my daughter’s plastic bowling pin set, my friend Janina made cards with words on them and we stuck those ‘words’ on the pins. The girls took turns trying to knock down the pins with the ball, but they only got the ‘points’ when they successfully read the word on each of their fallen pins.

We put words with long vowels: ‘ea’, ‘oo’, ‘oa’, ‘ea’ and ‘ai’




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