Summer Reading Camp Day 2


Dramatic story telling: I have this collection of 50 silly stories from the Miles Kelly collection. It’s full of folk tales and popular fairy tales and what not. So I read them ‘How the dragon was tricked’ by Andrew Lang. It’s funny and has a plot that moves fast. The kids enjoyed listening about the trickster’s cunning.




We then followed it by the ‘Independent reading’ session. You don’t usually see a bunch of six year olds sit together and do nothing but read. Kids these days would much rather be plonked in front of some electronic device. This seemed like a refreshing change. 🙂


I then did this activity from Basically I printed out written drawing instructions and asked each kid to draw/color the picture according to what their blurb asked them to. I thought it would be rather simple, but no. Six year olds have a mind of their own and well, ‘sticking-to-the-plot’ isn’t really their forte 😛 Not just that, I realized how much the kids tend to just skim through what they read. So when the instruction clearly said ‘Draw TEN stars in your sky’, my daughter just drew 5 or so. When I pointed that out to her, she was like, “Oh! I didn’t read the ‘TEN'”.  *insert mommy’s exaggerated eye roll here*

Art based reading activities are my favorite and from experience I think the kids feel the same. The girls were ready to fish out their crayons at the drop of the hat. So far, so good!

See also Day 1 and Introduction to the camp

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