Summer Reading Camp Day 1

This is a more detailed post on the Reading Camp. For more details on its origin, format and motives, please look here.

So this is what Day One looked like. I read a story called Tiddalik the frog. It’s funny and engaging with lots of unusual animal characters in it. This is actually my favorite part, where I get to don several avatars and get all theatrical. Yeah, I know. I love drama.

IMG_20160412_184520108 (2)


I then followed it up with a vocabulary activity. The story was rich with different kinds of verbs, adjectives and nouns. Grammar categorizations are still too advanced for this age group, so I just gave each kid a grid of words from the story and asked them to sort and highlight different ‘types’of words: Animal words (kookoobura, platypus – not so easy to read for a six year old, but not impossible), moving words (twirled, wiggled), feeling words (hungry, grumpy) and object words (things you see around you, e.g. a hill). All the words in the grid were sourced from the story itself, so there was a level of familiarity.





Next we did silent, independent reading for about 15 minutes. My thoughts about this particular ‘activity slot’ are here. My good friend and neighbor Janina was a great help. Although we were a small group, kids this age can be quite-(erm, what’s the polite word for it?)-DEMANDING! 😛



I then did an activity adapted from here on I  asked the kids to write mini books about themselves and their 5 senses.  I added another element to the activity: we revised spellings of body parts (eyes, ears, skin, tongue, nose) and the senses (I hear/listen, I smell, I feel, I see/watch/look, I taste). The kids were then given blueprint of sentences to make on their own. For example: I like touching_________, I like to listen to_________, etc.)

Enter a caption












And that was about it! One hour whizzed by. The girls entered in how many pages they had each read against their names on the progress chart, exchanged books to take home to read and left. Hopefully a happier lot.

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